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BETDAQ UK offers exchange betting on a wide variety of national and international sporting events. There are many different types of bets available on BETDAQ, including: Match Odds Asian Handicaps Over/Under Half Time/Full Time Total Goals How Many Corners Half Time Result Correct Score Outright Markets Win Markets Place Markets Each Way Markets Two-Ball or Three-Ball Markets In-Running Markets and Multiples. See the BETDAQ website for more information:

Opening an account with BETDAQ is easy, and should take no more than two to three minutes.

Click on the Join Now button on the Login panel at the top of the BETDAQ homepage screen. This will bring you to a three-step registration process.

Step1: The first step covers your personal details such as name and contact details.

In this section you will be asked to choose your preferred currency. Once you have selected a particular currency you will only be able to change this by opening a new account.

You will also be asked whether you would like BETDAQ to contact you with their weekly BETDAQ Bulletin and occasional special offers.

Step2: The second is where you choose your user name and password. These are your keys to the exchange and should be easy for you to remember, yet secure enough to prevent others from using your account.

Step3: The third step is the acceptance of the BETDAQ terms and conditions. To open a BETDAQ account you must be 18 years of age and they reserve the right to ask you for additional proof of age at any time. If satisfactory proof of age is not provided your account may be suspended

If you are resident in the USA, its territories or possessions, you may not open a BETDAQ account. US Federal law states that placing bets on-line is illegal therefore you may be asked for additional proof of residence if BETDAQ feel you may be contravening this law. Before opening an account with BETDAQ they would ask you to ensure that you comply completely with your own local, national or state laws concerning betting.

By opening a BETDAQ account you are deemed to have fully accepted and understood BETDAQ's terms and conditions as published on the website.

Once these three steps have been completed you are free to deposit funds to your account and start betting.

BETDAQ members may deposit funds as soon as they have completed the simple membership registration process.

There are no charges made for any deposits using Switch or Visa Debit UK and Laser Irish Debit Cards. This is the easiest method of depositing and withdrawing funds. Members using this method may deposit up to ?5,000 per day.

Members who choose to deposit via Credit Card will have to pay a small sum to cover the cost of the Credit Card transaction. They may also have to provide some extra evidence of identity and address. These precautions only apply to credit card deposits and are to help in the prevention of international fraud and money laundering.

Members may also deposit by cheque and / or Bank Transfer. Full details may be obtained by looking in the Deposit Funds section of the website



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