UK bookmakers: Free Bets (FAQ)

Potentially make over £1,000 with a little effort and some spare time!

What is matched betting?
Many bookmakers offer free bets such as "Bet £25 to receive a free £25 bet" as a signup bonus when opening an account, or to encourage people onto their site during a certain event such as the FA Cup Final. It is possible to use these free bets to potentially make easy money with no risk. This is known as matched betting, a technique involving backing and laying an event in order to win regardless of the outcome.

How much money could I make from matched betting?
Potentially anywhere from £500 upwards is a typical amount, bearing in mind more cash can also be made from bookmakers 'refund offers' in addition to the sign-up bonus. It all depends on the amount of time taken to match the bets and bonus amounts. I have made around £1600 since March 2005 and still have offers to complete. There are new bookmakers offers all the time, which means more free money*.

Can anyone make money from matched betting?
Yes. As long as you are over the age of 18, can grasp the basics of matched betting and have some spare time to complete the offers.

Are there any risks in matched betting?
Yes there are. However the only real risk is human error, as long as you take your time when placing bets and double check the bets you place then there should be no risk.

Is it legal?
Yes. You are simply taking advantage of introductory offers made by bookmakers in the hope that you will continue to place bets with them.

Will online betting affect my credit score?
The majority of online bookmakers will not perform a credit check, so the answer is no. Some spreadbetting firms may however perform a credit check so make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of all accounts that you open just to make sure.

What is the difference between a stake returned and a no stake returned free bet?
A stake returned free bet is the same as placing a bet with your own money. The stake (the bet amount) is returned with any winnings. A no stake returned bet means that the stake money ( the bet amount is not returned with any winning. The type of free bet given by a bookmaker will change the way you match a bet out.

What does laying mean?
Laying a bet is when you become the bookmaker, this happens at a betting exchange and is explained in more details in the guide section of this site.

What is the best sport to use when matched betting?
I find football is an easy sport to use, mainly because of my knowledge of the sport. There is also the added advantage of football being a very popular sport for betting which makes it easier to match bet on. Sports with only two outcomes are my next choice, such as tennis, however some bookmakers/betting exchanges have different rules which may make things more difficult.

*18+ Terms and conditions apply.



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